In this moment when democracy is threatened by majoritarianism, readers can play a more pluralistic role. Comment.

Citizenship in today�s world is spread across four different types of role-playing and involvement. The first two are the voter and the consumer which are very advertised. They bring together different times and roles. The other two roles are of the fan and the reader. It is the role of the reader which needs more attention and his power lies in his invisibility. He is actually the real trustee of the newspaper which is tuned to its style. News is thus a public ecosystem which is maintained by the reader. Thus, the reader of every newspaper is the real argumentative Indian who discusses all aspects of democracy and culture. Thus, in this age of majoritarianism, it is the reader who plays a more pluralistic role and sustains norms of democratic systems when various norms fail to act. He is in a real sense the second-skin to news streamlining truth at every step.


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