‘In the context of neo-liberal paradigm of development planning, multi-level planning is expected to make operations cost effective and remove many implementation blockages.’-Discuss.

Post LPG reforms there was a drastic shift in the planning of the developmental process. The government which was in the driver seat took a stepped backward and donned the role of enabler. This shift to the neo-liberal paradigm made it necessary to involve multiple stakeholders to ensure cost-effectiveness and effective implementation.

How multi-level planning works?

  • The main loophole with Indian governance is ignorance about the ground realities. The multilevel planning will enable in getting the ground level reality into the table. This will make both planning and implementation more effective.
  • The multi-level planning through a collaborative approach will result in a lesser number of iterations and leads to better outcomes. Hence it is of great significance in the long run.
  • The multi-level planning provides for the integration of top-down approach with the bottom-up approach. This is bound to get better outcomes.
  • The multi-level planning aids in developing local solutions to address the challenges. Even though the challenges may be the same but one size fits all approach will result in negligible outcomes. The multi-level planning will aid in developing a local solution to common challenges.
  • The multi-level planning also provides for an inclusive governance model. It instils a sense of responsibility as they are made partners in governance rather than just actors.

Niti Aayog

The planning commission was centrally driven by the top-down approach. Hence the best of plans failed to deliver in the Post LPG reforms period. To provide for a multi-stakeholder approach the Niti Aaayog was constituted.

Niti Aayog provided a platform not just for central and state governments to collaborate but has also engaged the private sector for effective policy formulation and implementation.


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