“In recent years, the emerging economies in east are increasing their geo-economic footprints, while the previous proponents of globalization in west seem to be stepping back.” Do you agree with this observation? Discuss while analyzing the implications of such trends on North-South relationship and India.

Published: May 10, 2017

This holds true in the current state of globalization. While the West which was the hub of modernization, is facing several crises in terms of political, economic and religious, some countries are silently growing into prosperity. China and Hong Kong are some examples whose economy rose from one of the lowest in the world to the path of progress. The silent development of the Chinese economy in the last few years, the comparatively quick economic development of India and the economic growth of Brazil in the last 10 years just confirm the trend.
Impact on the North South relations
The North-South divide is a kind of socio-economic and political divide among the nations, with the North being considered as the developed countries and the South comprising of the developing or under developed countries. This has been the basis of all agreements at the international level whether it is a trade agreement or an environmental agreement. But this will change this very outlook. While the countries of North used to see themselves as the harbinger of all modern technologies and considered it as their responsibility to help these South countries, this notion will change now. Most of the developing countries are slowly becoming self dependent in all terms. For example, the Make In India Campaign aims to make India self reliant in all respects including defence and space which were the two areas where most foreign help was sought. Further, India is entering into bilateral treaties with countries like Vietnam to coordinate in development. China had already adopted an anti US stance. Thus, all the erstwhile considered South nations are decreasing their dependence on the global North. It will result in a new geographical and strategic order in the world.

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