In its dealing with China and US do you think India is positioning itself as a swing state?

It was only 2 weeks before the Indian PM met the Chinese Premier to chart out a new phase of cooperation at Bishkek, many senior officials of India, US, Australia and Japan had met to get together and stop the Chinese trade and security expansion in the Asia Pacific region. This is a typical case of multipolarity in action and India turning into a swing state trying to seek the best of both the worlds. There is going to be a tough road for India going ahead with partnership with China due to years of mistrust and shared discord spread across 60 years. Bishkek was a clear reference point that both the leaders were looking at long-term strategy as reflected in their push to speed up the border talks. Latter will re-shape Sino-Indian relationship. China has already withdrawn its veto on blacklisting of Masoor Azhar which has pleased India which responded by agreeing to set up a Bank of China branch in India. Although India is pushing to modernize its military yet it has to be cautious in not getting involved in projects which it has opposed fundamentally. India is walking a fine line by trying to play between two rival blocks.


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