What do you understand by Social Skills? Discuss the importance of Social Skills in Civil Services.

Social skills of a person reflect his ability to communicate and interact with others either verbally or non-verbally. It may also include different gestures, written expressions, and other modes of communication. Effective understanding starts with good communication. Civil servants are associated with public services that require a lot of communication processes for effective and efficient utilization of resources for the development of the nation.

Features and importance

  • Adaptation of every situation to understand the demands of the others.
  • A decent sensibility to others, this includes refraining from gossiping.
  • Mentoring the subordinates for efficient workflow and providing inspiration
  • Giving proper value to the experience of others with respect to encouraging their ability.
  • Negotiation plays an important role while choosing the right tender for a project.
  • Creating a bond with people so that they could address their grievances.
  • Taking the views of others into account for better implementation.
  • Give complementation to others when they are doing a commendable job.
  • Maintaining patience and a calm constructive mindset.


Social skills are a type of inner component that is essential to deliver good administration and governance. Combination of social skill with reality and responsibility ensure selfless development of the society.

Social skills are the skills used to communicate and interact with each other, both verbally and non-verbally, through gestures, body language and our personal appearance. Social skills play a great role in moulding of interpersonal skills of an individual in the society.The civil servants form the backbone of the governance system. Their social skills largely determine the relationship of the common man with the governance system.
A civil servant with sound social skills can effectively engage with public to make the governance more effective. Social skills also aid in inculcating values of empathy and sympathy in the civil servants. This enhances the responsiveness of governance making it more effective.


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