How the proposed concept of "Border Protection Grid"would prevent illegal intrusion in India? Explain.

Published: May 3, 2018

The central government has proposed setting up of border protection grid to prevent the illegal migration from Bangladesh to five north-eastern and eastern states.
Components of Border protection grid are so designed to build an integrated surveillance system and monitoring system to build a resilient system against infiltration

  • BPG will comprise of physical and non-physical barriers, surveillance systems, intelligence agencies, state police, BSF and other state and central agencies. Thus provides for an integrated approach to fight illegal migration.
  • To supervise the functioning of BPG there would be a state-level standing committee under the chairmanship of respective chief secretaries. The monitoring by the chief-secretary himself/herself will instill greater attention to the issue.
  • BPG will also ensure greater help for the states in overall border security and sought active participation of respective state governments to materialise BPG. The active participation by state agencies will enable greater strength and cooperation in fighting illegal migration.

Border protection grid through a multi-pronged and foolproof mechanism to secure our border can aid in protecting the frontiers against illegal migration.

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