How the Mo Sarkar provides for enhancing the accountability of governance?

On the occasion of 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the government of Odisha launched the Mo Sarkar programme to enhance the accountability of governance.

About the Programme

  • In the initial phase of the programme Chief Minister himself will be making random calls to complainants at different police stations to have their feedback on the kind of response they got from the men in khaki.
  • The CM himself will collect feedback from 10 complainants every day on their experience at the police station
  • The focus areas in the initial phase would be police stations and government hospitals to assess the kind of service they are providing to the people.
  • Similarly, feedback on healthcare, the supply of medicines, and ambulance service in hospitals will also be collected by the CM and the concerned minister.
  • The programme is hailed as an excellent move to make governance institutions accountable and improve the quality of their service.
  • Poor feedback will negatively impact the promotion of policemen. Doctors and hospital staff will be asked to issue explanations on any grievances filed against them.

The Chief Minister of Odisha has held the scheme is part of efforts to make the government truly accountable to people.


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