How should the government come to the rescue of the presence of genuine secularism in the country?

It is one of the primary responsibilities of the government to not let any kind of religion-based violence and discrimination. There is a dire need for the government to renew its focus on the secularism as the word was grossly missing from the election campaigns. PM has often spoken of fake secularism which came into being to appease the minorities. He has stated that the latter merely creates an illusion to satisfy the real needs of people but doesn�t really do it.
The source is not important but one cannot ignore the amount and number of lynchings and random incidents of violence. Most of the latter was due to a general feeling of being ignored and fear of absence of freedom felt by the minorities lately. The feelings of minorities have consolidated further as the political parties in power have done little to bring them progress but have in fact reinforce the orthodoxy in their communities. Thus, most candidates did not speak of the Muslim interests in India for fear of being labelled as pro-Pakistan. They, in turn, failed minority interests. The challenge is not just to bring inclusive growth but also check other types of intra-religion domination and free people from oppression and humiliation. In addition, the government seeks to check majority communalism in order to protect the interests of all and not favouring any.


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