How is Russia contributing in transforming India? Discuss the possible impacts of Russia's changing role in South Asia on India.

The deep impact Russia has on India can be gauged by the words of PM himself. PM said that “Every child in India knows Russia is a friend”. Russia being a time tested friend of India is aiding India in its transformation.
Nuclear pact
Russia has inked nuclear pact with India. It has actively supported India with setting up of Kundankulam nuclear power plant and is also supporting in its expansion. This support in the arena of nuclear power is significant because India need to augment its capacity under nuclear power programme to keep up to its commitment under Paris climate deal.
Kaveri Engine
Russia is actively supporting India with the development of the indigenous Kaveri engine. Kaveri engine will add to India’s capacity in defence production.
Make in India
Make in India is a key programme of the government to develop its manufacturing sector. Russia is actively partnering India in this initiative. India and Russia have signed a landmark deal to jointly manufacture new generation of light military choppers Kamov 226 under the Make in India initiative.
Greater role in the geopolitics
Russia has been constant supporter for India’s entry into NSG and APEC. The membership of this premier organisation will enhance India’s stature and standing in the global arena.
Brahmos Upgradation
The structural rigidities have been eliminated with India’s membership to MTCR. Russia and India are now planning for Upgradation of the missile system. Brahmos has generated new interests in the world with many countries expressing their desire to acquire Brahmos. This will open new avenue as exporter of defence equipments.
Russia is actively supporting India in the development of irradiation centres. This will aid in enhancing the avenues of agricultural exports.
Impact of Russia’s changing role in South Asia
Russia has come out to reclaim its position in the global geopolitics. It is actively pursuing various initiatives to increase its stance in South Asia.
Taliban peace talks
Russia is actively pursuing goal of bringing stability in Afghanistan. It has proposed peace talks as part of its effort. This peace talks with Taliban which is yet to abandon the path of violence is giving legitimacy to Taliban. It is also endorsing the view of good terrorism and bad terrorism. This is detrimental to the interests of India.
Friendship 2017
Friendship 2017-military exercise between Pakistan and Russia showed increasing proximity between Russia and Pakistan. There were also talks about the possibility of Russian arm exports to Pakistan. This was dubbed by many as response to India’s increasing closeness to US.
Balancing of China and India
Traditionally Russia has maintained a neutral position on the issue of conflicts between India and China. In the light of increasing drift between US and Russia, Russia is getting closer to China. This has resulted in India not getting the support it would have wanted in countering Chinese aggression.
Russia’s current policy in South Asia can thus be summarised as a multi-vectored policy to meet the realities of a changing geopolitical situation. To an extent this multi-vectored policy is adversely affecting India’s interests in the region.


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