How illegal transborder migration does pose a threat to India's security? Discuss the strategies to curb this, bring out the factors which give impetus to such migration.

India has waged wars against two of its neighbours and, at varying times, has seen great influx of people from almost all of its neighbouring countries. Illegal transborder migration leads to multiple problems. It can be an avenue for terrorists and other radical elements to enter Indian soil. Militant groups rely on illegal migration to cultivate a base for themselves in another country. Influx of large number of people affects the makeup of the border areas, leading to cases of pushback and violence like the Kokrajhar incident. Illegal migrant are mostly poor people who leave all their belongings in their home country, and have no job opportunities or assistance available to them in India. Rehabilitation and resettlement is a complicated issue and puts a strain on already meagre state resources.

Such illegal migration is driven by internal strife, conflict and wars, persecution of certain communities/ethnicities, poverty, lack of job opportunities, unstable government etc. India needs to focus on fencing the entire length of the border and patrolling of the area so that migration is stopped. Increased cooperation with the countries involved can also lead to reduced migration from that country. In general, prevalence of a stable, prosperous state free of conflict will lessen migration from that country, thus, India must work to establish a peaceful Indian sub-continent.


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