How far would you agree that the impact of the First World War on Russia was the main reason for the downfall of Nicholas II in 1917?

There were many reasons for the downfall of Nicholas II in 1917 such as the defect of Russia against Japan in 1905, non-fulfilment of October Manifesto and the defeat in the First World War increased the unrest.
The defeat in the war made the troops and police to turn against Nicholas II. During the war the incompetent and corruption of the government was revealed due to shortage of equipment. The arms and ammunitions were very slow to reach the troops due to poor transportation. There was shortage of food in required areas and big cities though there was enough food in the country.
A big mistake was done by Nicholas II by appointing himself as the supreme commander and did fatal blunders which resulted in defeat of Russia. Thus the revolution in 1917 made nobles, Duma and the generals worried about the escalation of the situation and to restore law and order and prevent it from becoming real mass revolution, they forced Nicholas to resign.


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