How can NGO play a prominent role in women empowerment? Discuss.

Though as per constitution men and women are equal, however, women are discriminated at each and every stage of life be it health, be it education they face discrimination. Civil society, NGO can play a vital role in ensuring that women get what is rightfully theirs.
Role NGO can play in women empowerment

  1. Training & Skill Development:
    • NGOs like Yuva Parivartan provide training to poor women and therefore help them to be self-employed.
  2. Legal Awareness and Property Rights:
    • NGOs are working with women to generate awareness regarding their legal rights. For example Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan
  3. Trade facilitation
    • In order to provide the fair price to the poor, NGOs act as trade facilitator and cut down the middlemen.
  4. Credit / Micro Credit / Self-help groups
    • Since most of the women face scarcity of financial resources, By ensuring credit facility for women, NGO paves way for social justice and empowerment.
  5. Capacity building
    • In the era of digital technology, NGOs  provide information, knowledge, technology, training and managerial techniques to women
  6. Rehabilitation
    • NGO like Apne Aap works towards the rehabilitation of women trapped in sex-trafficking.
  7. Women Self Help Groups (SHGs)
    • Such Women led self-help group work on a variety of issues like health, nutrition, agriculture, forestry, income generation activities.

For effective functioning, NGOs need active support from both societies as well as from government. Government role is very significant since NGOs can supplement government activities. Government focus should be on quality education and health & in order to ensure better implementation more and more NGOs, civil society should be involved.


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