How bigdata can be next big thing for agriculture?

Big data refers to extremely large data sets that may be analysed computationally to reveal patterns, trends, and associations.
Bigdata can revolutionize agriculture by helping farmers to speed up plant-growth and increase their yield. Bigdata enables scientists to engineer plants that will grow in harsh climates to prevent famine. Hence it is said that Bigdata can revolutionise agriculture and it’s the next big thing for agriculture.
Applications of the Bigdata in Agriculture include
Accurate crop predictions
By using sophisticated computer algorithms to analyze decades of weather and crop data the crop yields can be predicted accurately.
Addressing food security
Agricultural scientists have been analyzing plant data for years in the hopes of developing crops that can grow in any environment. This will aid in ensuring of the food security as there is an increased pressure on land due to increasing global population.
Automation of agriculture
 Automation is increasing in the agricultural field. This also generates huge data as they employ drones, machines etc. The data generated can be used for increasing the efficiency and productivity of farming.
Weather prediction
Various weather phenomenons like monsoon are yet to be deciphered completely. Big data can be of great help in deciphering the complex phenomenon of weather and climate.
Big data analytics has immense potential to create a impact in the agriculture. Emerging technologies like Artificial intelligence and internet of things can revolutionise the agriculture.


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