How accurate do you think it is to talk about the ' First' and 'Second' New Deals? How successful had Roosevelt's policies been in solving the economic problem of the USA by 1941?

The measure taken in New Deal to solve the economic problems of the USA. Initially, the New Deal policies helped USA to come out of Depression as the government took over the banks guaranteeing the depositors and restoring their faith. It provided relief for the affected and jobless people by creating millions of extra jobs and Welfare Benefits like Social Security Act of 1935 along with national direction of resources and collective bargaining between industrialists and workers.
But, the New Deal was not completely successful for example the Farmers’ Relief Act, it provided relief for some farmers but it threw some farmers out of the work as during drought in some states like Kansas, Texas etc. Supreme Court also opposed some provisions of New Deal. When the government reduced the spending on industries in 1938 the country underwent recession. And the job creation was mostly due to the war as the production of armaments increased.


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