Highlight the significance of online dispute resolution in India and how it differs from traditional court of justice.

The online dispute resolution has seen a great traction in recent times, much on account of the covid-19 pandemic.

Forms of online dispute resolution:

  • E-Courts.
  • Online mediation.
  • Connected arbitration.
  • Grievance redressal through e-ticketing in the consumer courts.

Traditional experience in a Court of Justice:

  • Physical hearing in an alienating environment filled with law speaking advocates.
  • Intractable legal jargons and precedents, which are difficult to understand for a commoner.
  • Multiple hearing and long winding delay tactics used by the lawyer during a trial.

Transformation by online dispute resolution:

  • Helps to save precious time and energy in commute and court visit.
  • Extremely efficient if supported by responsive technological stack.
  • Use of artificial intelligence in determining order of cases for fast track justice delivery.
  • Opportunity for wide sections of the society to view and learn from the court proceedings through live telecast.
  • Great ability to reach even the remotest areas for faster and responsible justice.

Thus, online dispute resolution is a harbinger of Paradigm shift in our jurisprudence, changing dispute resolution from places like courts where justice is administered to a service which is availed of.


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