Highlight the potential of recent technological advancements to usher into an era of good governance using the tool of e-governance.

E governance is the use of information and communication technologies to provide government services.

Potential of e-governance:

  • Availability of geographic information system (GIS) mapping can aid urban planning in flood prone areas.
  • Use of satellite technology aids damage assessment of farms after natural disasters aiding provision of swift compensation.
  • Blockchain technology can be used for zero leakage implementation of national rural employment guarantee act.
  • 5G technology can help faster payment of taxes and filing of labour law compliance reports by small businesses.
  • Use of Management Information System (MIS) can help record demand for work in MGNREGA, so as to aid accountability.
  • SMS alerts banking on mobile phone penetration in rural areas can be used to provide alerts to tuberculosis patients, improving adherence to drug regimen.
  • Case law depositories can be made available online by the law ministry to help students and academicians.
  • Crime and criminal tracking network system (CCTNS) allows police officers nationwide to check suspect profiles against databases.
  • Online filing of FIRs will reduce the scope for corruption and non-responsiveness on part of the police.
  • Information regarding various schemes can be uploaded by the government departments to aid citizens.

Way forward:

Better internet connectivity in rural areas under Bharat Net, and implementing Srikrishna committee recommendations to protect privacy of individuals.


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