Highlight the multifaceted role played by ISRO in diversified developmental activities of the nation apart from its core work of launching satellites.

ISRO was established in the 1950s, as the spearhead of the Indian Space Program. In recent years, it has played a multifaceted role for the development of nation.

  • Providing broadband connectivity to remote areas, e.g. J&K, North East. This spurs economic growth.
  • Increasing access to tele-medicine and tele-education, e.g. through GSAT II.
  • Agriculture – ISRO satellites provide more accurate weather forecasts at block level. Project CHAMAN utilizes remote sensing to increase productivity of horticulture.
  • Disaster Management – ISRO satellites enable monitoring of floods and cyclones to provide early warning.
  • IRNSS/NAVIC system deployed by ISRO to aid aerial, terrestrial and marine navigation and tourism.
  • Effective development relies on conserving natural resources. Thus ISRO has launched IRS series of satellites to map forests, water and wetlands.
  • ISRO has enabled continuation of education pandemic by providing Direct to Home (DTH) services, e.g. SWAYAM PRABHA educational program.

ISRO is renowned for innovation and efficiency. It has demonstrated that the Indian space program focuses on human development, and not military superiority.


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