Highlight the benefits of urban forests and steps taken by the government to promote urban forestry in India.

The Urban forests are classified forests (legally), which lie within the permit of urban areas.

Benefits of Urban Forests:

  • Helps in air filtration, offer ecosystem services of clean air.
  • Tackle urban heat island effect and also reduces the impact of heat waves.
  • Improve disaster resilience of the cities, which are constantly vulnerable to urban flooding.
  • Helps in ground water replenishment. E.g. Forests in Bangalore University revived ancient aquifers.

Steps taken by Government to promote Urban forests:

  • AMRUT Mission, Smart cities, HRIDAY, Swachh Bharat Mission.
  • Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management and Planning Authority (CAMPA), has been established which can be used for Afforestation purpose.
  • Revised master plans to prevent deforestation and encroachment into forests.
  • Nagar Van Scheme started by government to develop 200 urban forests across the country.

Thus, better urban forest can improve the quality of life of urban commuters and make Indian cities environmental friendly.


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