Has the Cadre based Civil Services Organisation been the cause of slow change in India? Critically examine.

The causes of slow change in India are multiple, and the cadre based civil services organization can be said to be one of the reasons that hold the bureaucracy from performing its role to the fullest and best extent possible. The system of a cadre based civil services organization has limited recruitment of persons to important positions in the government to those within a particular cadre. This has made lateral entries nearly impossible, thus reducing chances for recruitment of talent suitable to the position. This issue was raised and analysed in the 2nd Administrative Reforms Commission’s Report. As the government grapples with a plethora of issues that weren’t traditionally faced by the state, it needs personnel capable of dealing with such challenges. Specialized knowledge of the sector concerned is an important asset that could help in performance of the task at hand. Such expertise could help in dealing with the various complexities that the task presents. However, such talent is concentrated in the private sector which cannot be accessed by the government unless lateral hiring becomes a common practice that is encouraged. A nation is just as good as the people who run it; and the bureaucracy plays a crucial role in helping run the nation, and it is important that there be flexibility in hiring and attracting the best possible talent to governmental positions so that the cause of growth and development is best served.


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