Give an account of Livestock Ranching as economic activity around the world. Why livestock ranching is not very popular in countries like India and China?

Livestock ranching is an important economic activ­ity of the areas of commercial grain farming. Cattle rearing is the most important component of this activity in most parts of the world but in some regions cattle are replaced by sheep, as is the case in much of western Europe, the Mediterranean region, Australia and New Zealand.

The large pastures are called ranches in North America. Similar large units where sheep are reared in Australia are called sheep sta­tions. Major livestock Ranching Regions of the World Though some animals are reared in practically all parts of the world, commercial livestock ranching is practised in five large regions located generally in:

  • North America
  • South America
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Australia and New Zealand

Livestock ranching is practised in areas of low density of population.  Animal rearing in India and China is a major activity only in areas not suitable for cultivation and the extensive ranch operations are not practised in these countries.

Much of animal rearing in these highly populous countries is an activity supplement­ing crop farming. Animal energy forms an important farm input in these areas of intensive farming. Therefore animal husbandry in these countries is secondary to crop farming.

Livestock ranching differs from nomadic herding in that under this system the animals are restricted to fixed areas of pastures.


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