The G4 nations should pursue the idea of with or without veto UNSC reforms, as this will break the deadlock in negotiations. Do you agree? Discuss.

United Nations Security council reforms is imperative to ensure equitable representation and reflect the geopolitical and economic realities of the present world order,.
G4 nations which includes Japan, Brazil, German and India are pressing for permanent seats in the council.
G4 nations should pursue the idea with or without veto UNSC reforms because:

  • India put forward the proposal for an expansion of the non-permanent membership of the Security Council in 1979 which was opposed by powers like USA then.
  • USA is now in favour of permanent seat without veto power. UK shares similar view. France has been closest with intention to provide both seat and veto.
  • Demand for membership without veto would make countries like Russia and China feel less threatened who have not been welcoming to idea of expansion.
  • Pursuance of idea would take the negotiations further which have remained stalemate for years.
  • Expanded members would have the same responsibilities and obligations, as current permanent members, thus making the council reflective of current order.


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