Giving suitable examples, critically discuss why a thriving food processing industry has potential to address the unemployment crisis in India.

Food processing Industry transforms the agricultural produce into intermediary or ready to use products. Food processing industry is the sunrise industry having immense potential to address the unemployment crisis haunting the country because:

  • India’s favorable location has made it possible to cultivate wide variety of crops all through the year. Thus an assured supply of raw materials.
  • India is witnessing a transformation from middle income group to high income group. This increasing income is bound to provide greater demand for processed food.
  • The diversity of India with varied cuisines from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Gujarat to Arunachal has provided with bounty of cusines for the food processing industries to explore.
  • India’s traditional Knowledge of food preservation and India being hub for spices production, Food processing industry has a natural advantage in the even in global space.
  • Increased consciousness about diet and health, rapid pace of urbanization is providing avenues for the food processing sector.
  • Support by the government through schemes like Food parks, Sampada, Mudra can aid the entrepreneurs and expansion of the sector.

Taking reference from Amul model, Karnataka cooperative societies tried to emulate a similar model under the brand Nandni. It is a successful venture which together with providing employment to thousands of people has increased the Income for farmers. Similarly, the food chain of Haldiram’s which has reached every nuke and corner of the country is also aiding in employment creation both directly and indirectly.
The 21st century India need Job creators, thus the entrepreneurship in the food processing industry can exploit the natural advantages of the country to create employment.


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