First Green Revolution ran out of steam mainly because it was focused only on grain production, with this context; present a conceptual framework upon ushering India into Second Green revolution.

Hint: First Green Revolution did not help the dry land farming and it was not scale neutral and thus helped only large farmers.
The call for second green revolution focuses on these issues by adopting a different strategy to follow. This includes: food security and sustainable farm profitability; use of latest technologies siuch as IT, Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Genetic Engineering, Precision farming, bidynamic farming etc. It focusses on allied activities such as horticulture, sericulture, aquaculture, plantations, medicine crops, aromatic crops etc. It keeps into view the soil fertility and productivity, optimal use of natural resources; crop diversification and multiple cropping is one of the key features of second green revolution.
It aims for achieving self-sufficiency in pulses and oilseeds and doubling horticulture and floriculture would be doubled in five years.
It also results in the forward and backward linkages and embraces an ecosystem of food production, food processing and marketing.


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