Explain why you agree or disagree with the view that the Allied victory in the Second World War was secured mainly because of the contribution of the USSR.

Hitler launched Russian invasion on 22 June 1941 (Operation Barbarossa) by breaking the non-aggression pact signed just two years earlier. It was again Blitzkrieg but this time on the much larger scale. Russia both directly and indirectly contributed toward the Allied victory.
In operation Barbarossa, Germany invested 5.5 million men, 3550 tanks, 5000 aircraft, and 4500 pieces of artillery. By these numbers, we can see that a disproportionate amount of resources was contributed to a single front. This led to the victory of Allies in Arica as much of Hitler’s army was preoccupied in Russia and ‘Afrika korps’ was not resupplied. Germany lost its African occupied territory from where the invasion of Sisley was launched.
Another setback for Germans, this time directly due to Russians, came in Stalingrad when after siege over 94,000 soldiers of 6th army surrendered. This increased the morals of Russians as well as Allies on the whole. After this on Eastern front Germans were always on retreat till the end. Due to this German army kept losing its already scarce military equipment.
This involvement of Germany on the Eastern front gave allies time to prepare for operation overlord largely unhindered. If Germany at that time was not occupied with Russians, then D-Day landing might not have succeeded.
It is no doubt that Russian contributed a lot to the war efforts. Out of total 40 million losses around half were inflicted on Russians. Most of the cities were destroyed in the war. So there is no doubt that Russia played a major role in the Allied victory over Axis power.


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