Explain the terms "Bureaucratisation of Politics"and "Politicisation of Bureaucracy"with suitable examples.

Bureaucrats need to maintain political neutrality and impartiality to ensure the triumph of democracy. Politicisation of Bureaucracy and Bureaucratisation of politics are the grey areas.
Bureaucratisation of Politics refers to the bureaucracy plunging into politics. Bureaucrats during their tenure deal with the political sphere in their day to day activities. But the civil service pre-requisites that they must be impartial and neutral towards political outfits. But there is no bar on bureaucrats resigning to join politics or joining after their retirement.
India saw large number of bureaucrats taking plunge into politics. Dr. Manmohan Singh ex-PM had served as RBI governor. Presently many bureaucrats are serving as ministers in the NDA government. Power minister R K Singh, Urban and housing Minister Hardeep Singh Puri, Tourism Minister Alphons Kannanthanam are some of the examples.
Politicisation of Bureaucracy refers to undue political influence in the governance due to nexus between bureaucracy and politics resulting in government appointing their own people to sensitive positions and higher offices.
The undue political interference of the government in power in the functioning of the central bureau of investigation has led to severe criticisms about the institute. Supreme Court even called CBI as caged parrot which speaks for its masters. There is also a perception in the country that CBI has become a tool of political vendetta of government to suppress voice of opposition.
As equality of opportunity provides for any citizen to be an active politician care and sensitivity must be taken by the politicians and bureaucrats so that the dignity and the legitimacy of the institutes are not compromised.


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