Explain the properties and applications of superconductors. What are the constraints in its practical use?

The superconductors are those conductors which show superconductivity at room temperature, which means their resistance is zero at the room temperature.


  • Minimum heat losses due to zero resistance within the superconductor.
  • Better efficiency in terms of conducting electricity.
  • Lower AT&C (aggregate technical and commercial) losses.


  • Providing efficient energy to all.
  • In ICT technologies like mobile phones, laptops, service.
  • Electricity circuits – Their management and operation.
  • Industries – Solar panel, chip industries, etc.

Constraints related to their practical use:

  • Super conductors right now or only feasible at very low temperatures.
  • Enormous capital investment as super conductors are still in developmental fees.
  • Lack of policy support and active research in India on super conductors.
  • Not compatible with current mobile and chip architecture.

Recently, a team at the Indian Institute of science reported that they have achieved superconductivity at room temperature. This discovery can bring in a transformation change in mainstreaming superconductors.


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