Explain the key highlights of the SDG Gender Index. What are the implications of the findings for India?

SDG Gender Index was recently published by Equal Measures 2030.It includes The African Women�s Development and Communication Network, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, International Women�s Health Coalition and Plan International.
Key Highlights:

  • The SDG Gender Index includes 51 indicators
  • The overall index scores are based on a scale of 0�100.�A score of 100 indicates the achievement of gender equality
  • A score of 50 signifies that a country is about halfway to meeting a goal
  • The index found that the world is far from achieving gender equality with 1.4 billion girls and women living in countries that get a very poor grade
  • Just 8% of the world�s population of girls and women live in countries that received a good gender equality score(80-89) and no country achieved an excellent overall score of 90 or above
  • Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Slovenia, Germany, Canada, Ireland, and Australia rank as the top 10 countries in the index, while the bottom 10 comprise Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nigeria, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Yemen, Congo, DR Congo and Chad.

Implications for India:
India�s score of 56.2�means that it is among 43 countries that fall in the �very poor� category. India scores the�highest in health (79.9), followed by hunger (76.2) and energy (71.8).Among the SDGs, on which the country performs poorly are�partnerships (18.3), industry, infrastructure and innovation (38.1) and climate (43.4).


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