Explain in brief the significance and contribution of Veer Savarkar in Indian freedom struggle movement.

Published: May 28, 2019

The birth anniversary of freedom fighter�Veer Savarkar�was celebrated On May 28, 2019. He believed and advocated the use of arms to free India from the British and created a network of Indians in England, equipped with weapons.
�Contribution of Veer Savarkar:

  • Savarkar founded the Abhinav Bharat Society
  • He was involved in�the Swadeshi movement
  • The British Government withdrew his B.A. degree due to instigating patriotic speeches and activities by him
  • In June 1906, Veer Savarkar, left for London to become Barrister
  • He united and inflamed the Indian students in England against British rule in India
  • He founded the�Free India Society
  • Savarkar was arrested in London on March 13, 1910 and sent to India
  • In 1920, many prominent freedom fighters including Vithalbhai Patel, Mahatma Gandhi and Bal Gangadhar Tilak demanded the release of Savarkar
  • In Ratnagiri jail, Savarkar wrote the book �Hindutva: who is hindu?�
  • Vinayak Savarkar was�a president of Hindu Mahasabhafrom 1937 to 1943

On 1 February 1966, Savarkar renounced medicines, food and water and went into a condition termed as�atmaarpan�(fast until death). Before his death he had written an article titled “Atmahatya Nahi Atmaarpan” in which he argued that when one’s life mission is over and ability to serve the society is left no more, it is better to end the life at will rather than waiting for death.

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