Examine the reasons behind growing interests of China in the Arctic region and state its implications for India in context of China’s Polar Silk Road initiative.

The Arctic region is an important centre with huge energy resources, geo-strategic importance and connectivity choke point.

China’s Polar silk Road initiative:

  • It aims to establish Chinese control in the polar region.
  • Through the initiative, China aims to control northern trade routes.
  • It also tries to encash the energy potential in the Arctic.
  • Moreover, the importance of the Arctic also lies in maintaining the global image of China, as the USA, Russia also aim to control the Arctic.

Implications for India:

  • China’s Polar Silk Road initiative is against India’s aim to maintain global rule-based order.
  • It will hamper India’s access to the North and also prove difficult for energy, trade routes.
  • It will also impact India’s connectivity project with Russia.
  • It will increase the dominance of China and will prove to be a step in becoming a global power.

This Polar Silk Route needs to be checked by cooperation among countries like India, USA, and Russia.


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