Examine the reasons behind Arabian sea becoming cyclone hotbed, which otherwise is a cyclone shy water body.

In recent years, Arabian Sea has been the site of onslaught wrecked by various cyclones.

Conventional conditions of Arabian Sea:

  • Cooler ocean temperature.
  • Lower atmospheric wind circulation.
  • Lesser wind humidity.
  • Descending air of high-pressure.
  • Negligible cyclone development.

Reasons for becoming a cyclone hotbed:

  • Rising ocean temperature in the entire Indian Ocean, much faster than other oceans.
  • Shift of Bay of Bengal cyclones to Arabian Sea.
  • Changing wind pattern, upper air divergence.
  • Creation of frequent low pressure systems.
  • Impacts of global climate change.

Way ahead:

  • Disaster preparedness.
  • Climate research.
  • Early warning.

India needs to leverage its integrated cyclone mitigation system on all coasts.


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