Evaluate the origin and significance of the Quad. How Quad strategy is different from other multilaterals?

Quad is the Regional coalition .The quadrilateral formation includes Japan, India, United States and Australia. All four nations have a common ground of being the democratic nations and common interests of unhindered maritime trade and security.
Origin of Quad:
The idea was�first mooted by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in 2007. However, the idea couldn�t move ahead with Australia pulling out of it. It has been recently revived and is being viewed as response to increased Chinese economic and military power.
Significance of the Quad:

  • It provides India a�powerful platform to advance its interests in East Asia
  • It will deepen India�s ties with US, Australia and Japan
  • It is an initiative with the objective�of promoting stability and maritime alliance in IOR, trade and commerce
  • It will give a�collective voice to Asian democracies to counter China�s assertiveness

Quad strategy is different from other multilaterals:
The quad is necessary to counter growing Chinese unilateralism in Asia.Quad is an opportunity for like-minded countries. They can share notes and collaborate on projects of mutual interest. All four countries share a vision of an open and free Indo-Pacific.The challenge before the quad grouping lies in finding areas of mutual interest.All the member nations should work with cooperation.


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