Ethics are more important than laws.Elucidate

Ethics: It is a type of moral philosophy that comes from within and provides us an ideal direction on what is the right thing to do in all matters of life. It can be compared with the characteristics that seek to resolve the conflict of human morality between good and evil, right and wrong, or justice and crime.

Law:  It refers to the set of rules which is created and enforced through social or governmental institutions to ensure lawfully accurate actions or decisions that a person, who is performing a noble responsibility, is supposed to follow.

Ethics and Law: There is a  strong relationship present between ethics and law. Sometimes they overlap each other and sometimes enforce together.

  • Both ethics and law set ideal standards to overcome social issues in the form of principles and actions respectively.
  • In some cases what is ethically correct, is not followed by the law and vice versa.

Real-life instance: Suppose in a queue of the electric bill payment, the officer allowed an old man who was standing last, to submit his bill immediately, which is the violation of the law of first come, first serve concept. But Ethically it is justified.

What is more important: It is quite clear Ethics are more important than laws from the aspect of humanity. But it is also true, sometimes we should not focus on ethics but the law.  For example, we always talk about women empowerment or helping an old man. But there are a lot of cases where we will find women and old men are also subject to punishment for their illegal activities. So there the code of ethics must not work.

Above all, there must be a presence of equilibrium between the two. Both must work simultaneously in all aspects of life. The absence of any one of them is not sufficient enough to ensure social justice.


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