"During the first two decades of republic of India, the key attributes and highlights of Parliament were discourse and debate on issues of national importance. With the passage of time, this appears to have eroded and diminished." Do you agree with this view? Give arguments.

Parliament acts as highest law making body and a platform for discussion and debate on key economic policies of the Country. It is in the parliament that the opposition and people’s representative hold government responsible for its act of omission and commission.
I agree with the statement that over the years parliamentary discourses and debates have eroded and diminished.

  • Growth of regional parties and their presence in parliament has seen the rise of regional issues being used to disrupt the parliament and overtaking national issues.
  • Criminalization of politics over the years has deteriorated the quality of people’s representatives. As per Association for Democratic reforms, 34% of members elected to sixteenth Lok Sabha have criminal charges against them.
  • Rising political expenditure act as deterrent to honest politicians from participating in electoral process.
  • Parliament in few decades post-independence was dominated by single party thus reducing politically motivated disruptions.
  • In the first two decades most of the leaders were product of Indian Freedom movement and thus gave primacy to national issues and nation building over political gains.
  • Low economic growth results lower dividend for citizens, politicians have thus used appeasement on the lines of caste, religion, region to garner votes.
  • Position on an issue is based on party directives rather than rationalistic analysis.
  • Over the years platforms for debates have expanded to T.V, internet, social media, thus representatives are more keen to engage there than in parliament, as they enjoy greater viewership.

Thus political, social and ethical deterioration has resulted in erosion of discourses and debates in parliament.


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