Elucidate the positive and negative outcomes of Revolt of 1857.

Although the Revolt of 1857 was suppressed completely, it created great shock waves in the heart of people and the British Crown in England. The British, therefore, examined the whole administration of India and brought about several changes in it. Among them the First was the transfer of power from the East India Company to the British Crown. It was followed by abolition of the Mughal dynasty of Delhi, reconstruction of the army, guaranteeing freedom of religion and equal treatment to Indians, association of Indians in the British administration of the country and introduction of several reforms. The British Government tried to do this through the Queen’s Proclamation of 1858.
Among the negative effects were the increase of racial animosity, introduction of the divide and rule policy and increase in the systematic economic loot of India. Even then, it started the new era in the history of India and the British Imperialism.


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