Elucidate the factors that made British colonization more effective amongst their other European counterparts like France, Spain and Portugal.

Factors that made British Colonisation more effective amongst their other European counterparts were as follows:

  • Comparatively stronger naval power of British. 
  • British colonists were mostly recruited from among the middle class farmers and indentured servants, while French and Spanish colonists were mainly merchants and soldiers. This made Britishers to easily mingle with the locals & society, and set up local governments and representative assemblies. On the other hand, British opponents like Spanish, Portuguese and French failed to do so.
  • Britishers in India and other countries had liberal immigration policies that allowed foreigners with superior skills and knowledge to visit and invest in projects. This made Britishers financially strong and led to technological advancements thereby helping Britain to maintain good hold on its colonies.
  • British adopted strategy of “Divide and Rule” & fostered distrust and enmity between the local rulers. On the other hand, British opponents- French, Portuguese and Spanish didn’t master this skill.
  • There was constitutional monarchy in Britain that made it politically more stable than its European counterparts.

Further, in order to increase political power and private wealth, British promoted mercantilism that made government and merchants partners.


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