To what extent, the electronic vaccine intelligence Network(eVIN) can help in the proper implementation of vaccination programs? Discuss.

eVIN is indigenous technology system in order to digitize the stock of vaccines and to monitor the temperature of the cold chain with the help of a smartphone application.
One of the most important components of the immunization program is the vaccine supply and cold chain to keep vaccines safe and efficacious and eVIN help in better management of vaccine supply chain. As a part of the project, mobiles/monitoring machines are distributed to health workers involved in the immunization program, who feed real-time information regarding supply, consumption, expiry dates and quality of vaccines. Along with that temperature, information is also fed from temperature loggers which are installed on vaccine storage refrigerators. In case of power cut, health worker would get  SMS about temperature fluctuation, so that power backup can be initiated. Also, information regarding supply shortage, expiry dates will be available on the online platform. Since information is available online, one cold storage center can ask for vaccines from another cold storage point to ensure there is no wastage and vaccines are available on time.
eVIN platform provides for an integrated solution to address widespread inequities in vaccine coverage by overcoming infrastructure bottleneck, poor information management often leads to overstock or stock out of vaccines in storage centers. This will ensure efficient vaccine logistics management with help of systemized record management system.
eVIN streamline the vaccine flow network and therefore contributes towards strengthening health systems and ensures that idea of universal immunization is properly implemented.


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