An effective and robust cooperation between India and ASEAN will aid in realizing the dream of 21st century Asia. Elucidate the significance of ASEAN for India from economic, geo-political and security perspectives.

To celebrate the 25 years of the India-ASEAN relationship India held a commemorative summit and the heads of state of ASEAN nations were chief guests for republic day celebrations of 2018. This underlines the importance India has attached for the ASEAN.
Economic significance of ASEAN for India

  • ASEAN forms a key player in global value chain and India can gain from the expertise of ASEAN which will aid India’s Make in India campaign.
  • India’s expertise in Service industry together with ASEANs expertise in manufacturing can bring prosperity for whole of India-ASEAN.
  • Realization of regional cooperation and economic partnership agreement (RCEP) can aid India in diversifying its exports.
  • ASEAN nations are one of the key contributors for the foreign direct investments in India.
  • With many shared concerns India ASEAN nexus will aid in effectively putting forward the concerns of developing word in WTO.
  • India’s exploration efforts at the region of South China Sea along with Vietnam will aid in ensuring the energy security of the country.

Geo-political Significance

  • With the increasing assertiveness of China in the south Asia sea region ensuring of freedom of navigation is pre-requite and India ASEAN relations can augment the efforts in this direction.
  • The new found concept of Indo-pacific which is an attempt to gain a prominent role for India in South East Asian region mandates robust India ASEAN relationship.
  • Connectivity with ASEAN (Kaladan and India-Myanmar-Thailand trilateral highway) will also bring in better connectivity for India with north east and will usher the development in the northeastern India.
  • Support of ASEAN countries for India’s bid of permanent seat in UNSC is a necessity.

Security Significance

  • China’s one belt one road initiative which is encircling India pose a strategic challenge for India. India needs support from ASEAN countries o effectively face the Chinese aggression.
  • Both India and ASEAN are victims of terrorism an effective cooperation in dealing with terrorism will aid in enhanced stability and peace in the region.
  • Good relations with ASEAN will also aid in effectively addressing the problems of insurgency in northeastern India.

As India is looking east, ASEAN is also looking west towards India to achieve regional stability.


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