Do you think the national education system needs more than just fine-tuning to ramp it up? Discuss this in light of the new draft of NEP.

Indian society has seen many changes in the last 20 years on both economic and social fronts as the country is headed to become a five trillion economy. The education system in India is aimed at linear growth while brain development is not linear. 85% of the brain develops by the age of 6 during which certain regions of the brain are stimulated and after that the child develops many different aptitudes. This is attributed to different kinds of stimulation received by children at different ages. This aspect has been largely overlooked by our education system. If the foundational phase of education is handled well we can assume that classes 3-8 will come easily and give the desired results.
Upgrading the infrastructure of schools is another important task which has to be looked into very carefully. Also, more teachers are needed to increase the student-teacher ratio. Also, taking language education to a new level requires as many numbers of skilled teachers across the country. Education has to be output-based. Students will be allowed to re-take board exams within six months if they are not happy with its outcome. This flexibility has been introduced with a view to making learning more enjoyable and not a burden. Thus, the whole examination system needs an overhaul and not just fine-tuning.


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