Do you think preference to 'Made in India cyber security solutions' is justified? Discuss.

In the present era of digital technology, data security is very crucial. One issue with the involvement of the foreign firms in data security is that there are possibilities of data theft.
The government of India is, therefore, considering a policy to accord preference to Indian cybersecurity solutions. This will not only provide active support to Indian technology, it will also reduce the possibilities of data theft by foreign entities.
According to notification ‘local supplier’ is a company incorporated and registered in India and the revenue from the Intellectual Property licensing and from the product should accrue to the company.
As per the official proposal in all government procurements ‘Made in India’ security solutions will be given preference. This will cover all products as well as software which are used for confidentiality, availability, and integrity of information by securing computer infrastructure and preventing unauthorized access. Apart from that intelligence agencies which use various computer networks and cybersecurity products, preference will be given to Indian cyber security solutions for such agencies.
Indian companies involved in providing cyber solutions will work in the national interest and in all probability, such firms won’t act against India’s interest. On the other hand foreign firms providing cybersecurity solutions, their priority will be business and there are chances that foreign vendors might retain some backdoor access to data and therefore there will be the risk of a third party gaining unauthorized access to sensitive data.
Apart from that since Indian cybersecurity companies are based in India, in case of any breach, such firms will under the ambit of Indian laws easily, while in case of foreign firms legal action will be complicated.
In present era data is the asset and putting national cybersecurity in the hands of foreign firms is not a good idea. Therefore the domestics technology solutions should be adequately supported. Such initiatives will also help in ‘Make in India’ program and will provide more employment opportunities.


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