Do you think an arbitrary arrest for merely a social media post is a reflection of disregard for law and liberty?

It is not ordinary for the Supreme Court of India to grant bail with an immediate effect to the journalist Prashant Kanojia who was arrested by the UP Police for sharing a video on Twitter on CM Yogi. It has made evident that the arrest was purely arbitrary, uncalled for and not legal. The reaction of the state government to justify the act was full of malice. The SC bench did not consider any controversial tweets as enough ground for attacking the personal space and liberty of an individual. The Bench did not entertain the technical objections raised by the State Government�s counsel that SC should not interfere in the matter as it was a regular bail application and a regular petition for bail would have secured relief to the person. The Bench outlined that the release was not to be seen as an endorsement to the tweets made by the journalist. The case is of importance as the social media is flowing with distasteful material and the police have no right to pick one or two at their own discretion without any firm ground or legal reference.


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