Distinguish between Cabinet Secretariat and Prime Minister’s Secretariat. Which of these is more important?

The Cabinet Secretariat under the Chairmanship of the Cabinet Secretary, who is the ex-officio chairman of the Civil Service Board, assists the Cabinet in its function of running the Government of the nation. It provides secretarial assistance to Cabinet and Cabinet Committees in preparation, drafting and then implementation of Rules of Business in the Cabinet Committees. It also prepares agendas and maintains records of the meetings of the Cabinet Ministers.

The Prime Minister Secretariat, an extra constitutional body, which is now known as the Prime Minister’s office, came into effect after independence. This is made up of those officers and special advisers which are appointed by and for the Prime Minister for specific purposes i.e. security, media, culture etc. It is a body, under the PM and for his personal assistance as the head of the Government.

Both are important at their respective places, but in recent times, PMO has gained more importance.


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