Discuss the various functions of Pressure groups while commenting their role on healthy democratic system.

The functions of pressure groups especially with respect to strengthening the democratic system are as follows-

  • The pressure groups themselves do not want to form any Government. But, they play an important role in influencing the decisions of the Government.
  • The pressure groups represent the common interests of the people.
  • The pressure groups make use different pressure tactics such as extra-Constitutional methods- dharna and gherao in order to achieve their goals.
  • India has a multi-party system and there is an observed level of party indiscipline and ideological commitment. In such situations, the pressure groups are able to keep the parties on their toes to meet the democratic ethos.
  • Pressure groups have been able to organise citizens into groups by bringing together people with similar interests and political views who will further be able to shape the political arena.
  • Pressure groups can also bring to effect legislation by consultation with the government.


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