Discuss the threat posed by Covid-19 on the safety and wellbeing of children all over the world. What steps have been taken by National Commission for Protection of Child Rights in this regard?

World Bank released a report pointing that learning disability may increase by 10% in developing countries due to Covid-induced destruction.

Threat of Covid on wellbeing of children:

  • Healthcare
    • Disruption of traditional network of ASHA in last-mile delivery.
    • Reduced institutional deliveries.
    • Disruption of traditional vaccination.
    • Mental health – concerns due to reduced socialization.
    • Physical health – increased screen time.
  • Education:
    • Close down of schools.
    • Digital divide and lack of access to digital infra (less than 70% children have access to smart phones).
    • Mid Day Meal Scheme affected.
    • Reduced teacher-child interaction.

Measures taken by NCPCR:

  • Surveys & studies conducted to generate data of impact of Covid.
  • Engagement with social media to enhance reach.
  • Online portals to register complaints and grievances.
  • Increased reach through helpline number to address issues.

Special emphasis on child wellbeing is needed in post-Covid world and a mix of institutional and societal efforts is the way forward.


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