Discuss the strategic advantages offered to India by the recently set up Data Reception and Tracking and Telemetry Station in Vietnam.

India has set up a Data Reception and Tracking and Telemetry Station at Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. This facility will help ISRO to track satellites launched from India and receive data from them. India also has a satellite tracking system in Brunei. This is a welcome move because latest system would be a strategic asset for India and would help us to get strategic hold in South China Sea wherein China’s growing ambitions can be countered.
It is indeed a welcome initiative taken by India in securing a satellite monitoring centre in Vietnam. It will enhance India’s role in Southeast Asia and help both India and the countries of the region.
At the same time, wherein so many funds are spent to track satellites, ISRO mustdo something to monitor infiltration on India’s border using some sophisticated Satellite imagery.
This would not only supplement our efforts towards border security but also would help to reduce loss of life in hard terrains of Himalayas.


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