Discuss the spatial pattern of commercial fishing as economic activity around the world.

Commercial fishing activity is largely concentrated in the oceans of the Northern Hemisphere. The larg­est producing areas are the coastal margins in the temperate regions which are rich in fish that are most desirable for human consumption.  The fish caught in the tropical waters are considered less desirable due to their higher oil content. Also, the schools of single species found in the temperate regions, rarely occur in the tropical waters. It makes commercial fishing in tropical regions less remu­nerative.

The most favourable areas for growth of fish are the shallow waters of the oceans. With sufficient supply of minerals and organic matter eroded from the land and penetration of sunlight the plankton grows most abundantly in coastal waters up to a depth of 60 metres.  Convergence of warm and cold currents also promotes blending of water beneficial to fish culture through the process of cooler water displacing warmer water. Such mixing of currents is most conspicuous in the middle lati­tudes on the eastern margins of the continents.  For example-Mix­ing of Labrador Current and the Gulf Stream in northwest Atlantic Ocean (off the coast of New Foundland) and of the Kamchatka Current and the Japanese Current in the northwest Pacific Ocean (off the coast of Japan) are the best examples of this phenomenon.

The Grand Banks and the Georges Bank are two major fishing grounds off the North Atlantic coast of North America.


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