Discuss the significance of Kyoto Protocol. Why is U.S.A. not signing it?

Kyoto Protocol of 1997 is related to the emission of Green House Gases. It is an international agreement linked to the UNFCC which commits its Parties by setting internationally binding emission reduction targets.A Conference in July, 2001 in Germany was held over the Protocol and its progress. It is to come into force from 2002 and has provision to reduce emission of GHGs by 5 percent of the 1990 level emission by 2008-2012. For its enforcement, ratification by the Industrialist nations responsible for 55% of emission is required. The Protocol sets a date of 2012 to stop emission of GHGS.

Global Warming is the result of Green House effect for which Green House Gases like methane, COz and some halons are responsible.

Bush administration of USA has not signed the Protocol arguing that China, the second largest producer of GHGs, it is out of the Protocol along with some other developing countries.


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