Discuss the objectives and major achievements of Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA) since its formation.

Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA) one of the principal science organisations of india . Kolkata as its headquarters .Established in 1914
Founding fathers of ISCA like -sir Ashutosh Mukherjee, and two british chemists,namely ,professor J.L simonsen and professor. P.S Macmohans Foresightedness and determination towards field of science led steps for the origin of ISCA.
Main objectives on ISCA .
1) the main aim to inculcate scientific temper among the individual’s of the country.
2)To create awareness about the recent Advancement in science &technology.
3)To create common platform for all over citizens of different parts of the world to share their views through annaul meetings held at different parts of india .
4)To collect and manage funds for the promotion of science .And sharing the scientific knowledge through conducting the various programmes at schools ,colleges and university level. 5)To publish such proceedings ,journals ,transactions and other publications as may be considered desirable .
The main achievements of Indian science congress association .
It emerged as the indias biggest science meet held every year successfully conducted 104 science congress meetings .discussing and recommending the suggestions for the contemporary issues .
In its initial years , the congress would discuss the latest scientific developments ,but it was moved to the prime ministers of the day making policy statements on science and Technology .
it is also a record that the science congress conducting annual meetings for every year without any breaks . Nehrus personal interest in the science congress made the programmes like inviting representatives
foreign Societies and academics .this trend still fallowed with the support of Department of science &Technology Government of india.
On October 1963 they released two special publications like -A short history of science congress association & fifty years of science in India .and two more publications released on 1973.
in 1976 Ms swaminathan the then general president of ISCA initiated the focal theme of National relevance.
The five day long sessions were held from 2011 .initially it started with hundred and five members it reached to forty thousand researchers and scientists participating in Indian science congress .
Presently it has fourteen sections including agriculture .and six forums including communication &information sciences,
ISCA is the indias representative for the various foreign scientific academics like American association for the Advancement of science ,French Academy of sciences,Bangladesh academy of sciences,and British Association for the advancement of science , etc.


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