Discuss the objectives and functioning of the MGNREGA's geo-tag platform 'Bhuvan'? To what extent, it has potential to establish transparency in the MGNREGA implementation? Opine.

Published: May 10, 2017

The MGNREGA’S geo-tag platform Bhuvan was created by the government in collaboration with the Indian Space Research Organization. The objective behind the creation of this app was to keep a track of the assets that have been created under this rural job guarantee scheme. It is a response to the need of the hour to online recording and monitoring of assets to check leakages. At present, around three million assets are created annually under this scheme, but there is no proper record of these assets.
Functions of Bhuvan

  • Under this app, the Gram Rozgar Sahayak is required to upload the photo of an asset created by beneficiaries of the scheme.
  • The app will then encrypt the location and time of the asset and there is also an option to add more information according to a few parameters.

The Bhuvan app has huge potential for ensuring transparency in the scheme. The application of technology with geo-tagging facility leaves out any scope for recording misleading information, unless an asset is completely left out from recording. This is just another step forward after the Aadhaar scheme where every labourer gets the wages transferred to the Aadhaar attached bank account. This had gone a long way in checking corruption and this will be an even more efficient step.

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