Discuss the importance of the Gupta temple in the development of Indian architecture.

Of the religious monuments of the Gupta period the foremost is the Gupta temple. It was an independent structure built of dressed stone blocks placed together, which afforded ample scope for the exercise of the architect’s genius.Another feature of the Gupta templewas related to its aesthetic character. It marksthe begetting of a new sensibility, a change from the mere imitative to the infinitely creative, from the servile copying of meaningless forms expressive of undevelopedmind and unskilled forces to a reasonedapplication of the first principles of architectural compositions. These two features mark the emergence of the Hindu temple in a stone masonry.
Few examples of the chief surviving temples of the Gupta age are the following:
Buddhist shrines at Sanchi, Buddhist shrines at BodhGaya and the Dasavatara temple at Deogarh.


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