Discuss the implications of so called Ezulwini Consensus adopted by African nations on India's interests.

Africa is an indispensible continent for India especially due to the possession of 54 votes in the UNSC. It could play a significant role for permanent candidature of India in the UNSC. However, on the prodding of China, Ezulwini Consensus was adopted by African nations. It calls for a status quo with respect to UNSC reforms by the African nations. This consensus benefits the existing five permanent members of the UNSC rather than either India or Africa’s interests.
This consensus has an effective bearing for any proposal or reform package to succeed in the General Assembly.
This clearly implies that there is no clear cut support from Africa for India’s permanent position in the UNSC. They only have noted India’s candidature. Their actual position could come out clearly only when there are few contenders from the continent for India’s permanent position.
Therefore, India’s interests and dreams of attaining a permanent position in the UNSC will be jeopardized without positive support lent out by Africa. (164 words)


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